Patient Area

Patients' Rights

  • Receive the complete necessary medical and nursing care in health facilities in accordance with regulations.
  • Respect from all the hospital staff at all times.
  • Ensure the confidentiality and privacy of the patient for his medical condition or treatment steps.
  • The right to refuse to interview any person who is not related to treatment including visitors.
  • Ensuring complete privacy during treatment procedures and medical consultations.
  • Be protected of any infection transmitted through the hospital.
  • Provide a safe environment for all patients.
  • Provide appropriate communication between the patient and his relatives.
  • Provide translation between the patient and patient relatives and the staff who do not speak Arabic.
  • The right to second medical opinion.
  • The patient and relatives should be aware of anyexpected health risks and any information required before any medical procedure.
  • Receive appropriate assessment and management of Pain
  • The patient has the right to refuse any treatment or any medical procedure, but requires a signature on the form for that which is (a form of contrary medical advice).
  • Patients and their relatives have the right to request a copy of their medical record
  • Patient opinion should be considered when transfer to another hospital is needed.
  • Introduce policies and regulations of complaints to the patient and relatives.

Patients’ Responsibilities

  • Providing accurate and complete information about present complaints, past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications, and other health matters to caregivers.
  • Follow the treatment plan recommended by your caregivers.
  • Recognize and respect the rights of other patients, families and staff.
  • Observe hospital and clinic rules.
  • To maintain all the hospital properties.