- Nile Hospital makes every effort to provide the best services, including the central laboratory in the hospital, so it uses the latest technologies to evaluate diseases of blood, microbes, immunity, chemistry, and tissues. . All laboratory personnel have one goal in mind, which is to provide the highest level of service while protecting the patient's health and safety

Hematology unit:

This unit is concerned with all blood diseases analyzes, including:

Complete blood picture using the latest automatic machines that work with great accuracy

Parasitology Unit:

To conduct urine and feces analyzes, to detect parasites, fungi and bacteria present in body fluids and feces, determine the percentage of salts and detect the presence of a urinary tract infection

Microbiology Unit:

The unit conducts analyzes of blood cultures, body fluids, and urine cultures, and detects the causative microbes, the necessary drug, its efficiency, and the smallest dose that can produce a good effect, using modern, highly efficient devices that operate in an automatic manner.

Chemistry unit

Specialized in blood chemistry analyzes such as:

(SGOT, SGPT) - liver function tests, including

These are liver enzyme analyzes that measure albumin, total protein, and total and direct bile

Measuring kidney function by conducting analyzes (creatinine and urea)

Conducting analyzes to measure the level of sugar in the body.

Cardiac enzymes (CK-MB, LDH) analyzes