The intensive care department is one of the main pillars of Nile Hospital since its inauguration, which is characterized by the presence of medical and nursing cadres who hold scientific degrees and are trained to provide high-quality medical care to patients, each according to his condition.

 The nursing staff is distributed to intensive care patients based on experience and scientific qualifications due to the seriousness of the patient’s health condition, as the staff works to master its work as it should in accordance with international quality standards such as infection control, follow-up of laboratory tests, monitoring devices, nursing fluids, and follow-up of everything that comes out of the patient through special tubes such as catheters One male or female nurse is assigned to take care of one patient with more than two patients, to meet their needs and take care of their affairs

- The intensive care unit also contains the latest ventilators, and also includes heart monitors.

 Our ultimate goal is to provide world-class levels of care for our critically ill patients, and therefore there is always a plan to transfer the latest expertise, information and devices through continuous educational activities and attending conferences and workshops.

The Surgical Intensive Care Unit receives patients with major surgeries who suffer from cerebral trauma or multiple traumas

Services and tasks of the medical and nursing staff in the intensive care unit:

1- Resuscitation of the patient via a respirator

2- Cases of severe bleeding, whether after surgery, gynecological surgery, traffic accidents, or after surgical interventions

3- Heart attacks and stroke

4- A patient with possible organic failure who requires continuous monitoring to diagnose and treat the dysfunction

5- Continuous monitoring of heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, pulse measurement, patient temperature, blood gases, and regular laboratory tests based on the directives of the special medical staff for each case.