Cardiology Clinic

Nile Hospital provides a medical staff of cardiologists and nursing staff at the highest level 24 hours a day

- Nile Hospital is unique in providing health care and innovative medical solutions such as pressure treatment by cardiac catheterization and others. The hospital also contains highly qualified competencies in all delicate cardiac specialties, such as electrocardiogram disorders, pulse diseases, catheterization, cardiac care, and others.

To efficiently diagnose and treat heart diseases, Nile Hospital in Hurghada - Red Sea provides a comprehensive range of the best diagnostic equipment and treatment methods, including a cardiac catheterization unit, and offers a multidisciplinary approach to prevent the occurrence or progression of cardiovascular diseases and covers patients of all ages, which It makes it one of the leading cardiac hospitals

- Our surgeons perform all types of heart surgeries, including emergency and elective cases of diseases of the heart valves, coronary artery disease, arrhythmias, and heart failure, as well as other less common conditions.

- Our goal is to ensure that all heart patients at Nile Hospital have access to effective diagnostic and treatment facilities, and that we provide them with the best solutions to lead a healthy life.

The cardiology department includes the following services :

1- Cardiac Care Unit (CCU)

2- Cardiac catheterization unit

3- Cardiology outpatient clinic

Cardiac intensive care unit CCU :

- The intensive care unit contains beds equipped with devices next to each patient, a respirator, and the unit also includes intravenous drip devices at controlled speeds.

Portable ECG device - portable ultrasound device on the heart

Continuous lab tests

- Intensive cardiac care is characterized by complete calmness and visits at a specific and known time, in order to ensure the comfort of patients and the safety of visitors

Cardiac catheterization unit:

- The catheterization unit at Nile Hospital is characterized by the availability of the latest catheterization devices to perform diagnostic and therapeutic catheterization operations for the heart and blood vessels using balloons, nets and stents with the latest scientific methods.

- Through the catheterization unit at Nile Hospital, many diagnostic interventions are performed, and the device works to help doctors obtain a clear perception of cases that require catheterization in a more effective and safe manner.

- The catheterization unit at Nile Hospital provides painless treatment procedures and helps treat many conditions, including; Cardiac catheterization, stent placement, blood vessels, coronary arteries, arterial expansion

Intracatheter procedures:

 1- Cardiac catheterization

2- Treatment of heart arteries with balloons and nets

3- Installation of cardiac pacemakers of all kinds

4- Study of electrocardiography and treatment of interventions

Disease cases received by the catheterization department:

1- Chronic acute ischemic patients

2- Patients with heart disorders and diseases of all kinds

3- Patients with disorders and diseases of all vessels and arteries

4- Installing anticoagulant devices in the left atrium

5- Treating blood lipid disorders such as high cholesterol

6- Cases that need anticoagulants, such as heart rhythm disorders (atrial palpitations), artificial heart stents, and cases of thrombophlebitis (vein clots in the extremities).

Cardiology outpatient clinic:

The required examinations are performed at the same time as examinations (exertion EKG - sound waves on the heart

- Analysis of the efficiency of the heart muscle and heart valves

- The clinic has consultants specialized in the field of electrocardiography, and it has the following: A Holter device to measure the heart rate for 24 or 48 hours.

Installing assistive heart rhythm devices such as pacemakers of all types that are compatible with magnetic resonance and various electric shock devices

Conditions that are treated:

- Treatment of chronic hypertension with catheters

Installing different pacemakers to treat slow heartbeats

- Diseases of the heart muscle

Heart rheumatism

Heart arrhythmias such as slowing down, acceleration or irregularity, treatment of palpitations and detection of its causes, and cases of inflammation of the inner or outer membranes of the heart