Radiology Scan

The hospital radiology department is one of the best, with the most sophisticated and sophisticated equipment in this field.

1- M.R.I

Includes a radiology department Nile Hospital open MRI, which device is the strongest in terms of clarity, performance and features that it has the ability to give an accurate picture of detailed and three-dimensional parts of the body's internal organs and different to the diagnosis of tumors and the pain and injuries of joints and cartilage various hold the body and detect clots brain and blood vessels also doing imaging destruction of the body in less than an hour to conduct an accurate diagnosis of many diseases that was not possible diagnosed with other devices and is ideal in terms of area for patients and is characterized as suits those who suffer from claustrophobia.

Open MRI

Future technology for the detection of patient’s problems

2- CT Scan

CT scan machine modern Optima 520 of GE International

3- Mammography (Mammogram)

Yes to a life filled quickly reassured early detection through breast screening by Mammography

Twenty minutes a year is sufficient to prevent the risk of breast cancer

4- Panoramic Dental X-ray

This test provides valuable information on the nose, sinuses, upper jaw, teeth sites and disorders gums and bones.

This test is also used for planning crew’s complete and partial teeth, braces, implants and tooth extraction treatment.

It can also detect the presence of a problem or potential, such as

- Advanced periodontal disease

- Oral cyst

- Tumors and cancer of the mouth

- Impacted teeth

- Temporomandibular joint disorder

5- X-ray Scan

Offers a comprehensive world class range of simple and highly sophisticated imaging tests from traditional X-rays scanning procedures that are conducted by a highly trained team of diagnostic radiologists

to create a most accurate, timely and informative results and images of the entire body and its organs. Those images are often critical in diagnosing and treating a multitude of patient injuries, diseases and disorders.

6- Ultrasound scan

Ultrasound four-dimensional model of Voluson P8 far Nile Hospital - Hurghada

Features ultrasound device

 * Colored Doppler and duplex on all the peripheral blood vessels and arteries of the liver and kidneys

* Unit ray woman and fetus

 1. Sonar three-and four-dimensional on the fetus to identify birth defects

 2. Duplex on pregnancy

 3. Sonar on the uterus and ovaries

 4. Sound waves to the breast and mammogram

* Fertility Research for men

 1. Ultrasound at the prostate from the anus

 2. Duplex on the testicular

* Interventional Radiology Research and samples

 1-sampling of suspected tumors in the body

 2. Fluids abdomen and amniocentesis

 3. Sampling of the fetus and placenta

7- Dexa device

Dexa device at Nile Hospital This test measures bone mineral density, bone mass and hardness, and likelihood of fractures. It is an examination with reliable results for the diagnosis of osteoporosis, and the examination is sometimes performed to diagnose bone pain